Movement therapy using FES


The RehaMove is a combination of the MOTOmed and the functional electrical stimulator (RehaStim) manufactured by the Hasomed Company in Germany.

The RehaMove provides a means whereby disabled persons are able to regain movement in the affected limb.

Paralysis is mainly the result of –

  • spinal cord injury
  • brain trauma
  • stroke
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In all the above cases the electrical impulses from the brain are degraded or prevented from reaching the target muscle groups, where they would normally trigger activation of the muscle.

However by simulating those electrical brain impulses using a functional electrical stimulator (FES) muscle movement can be achieved.

Success of the treatment relies upon the neural connection to the respective muscle group being intact.

Functional electrical stimulation (FES)


The treatment utilises the MOTOmed in combination with the Hasomed FES stimulator. Electric current pulses are applied in sequence, via electrodes, to the nerves of the paralysed muscle group during the pedal rotation of the MOTOmed, resulting in a muscle contraction.

The activation of the muscle results in a force being applied to the MOTOmed pedals, thus increasing the pedal rotation speed above a preset value (e.g 20rpm). The MOTOmed operating mode now changes from ‘Passive’ to ‘Active’.

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In ‘active’ mode the muscles perform work against a preset resistance. Over time this resistance level can be increased to re-build muscle strength.

Regular exercise with the RehaMove improves both muscle condition and blood circulation.

The advantages of the therapy are:

  • stimulate blood circulation
  • reduce spasticity
  • promote and build muscle strength
  • improve extremity coordination
  • counter onset of health problems caused by lack of mobility

The following video shows the RehaStim being used in ‘sequence training’

To download more information published by Hasomed click on underlined prompts below:

Scientific Studies relating to the application of FES in Rehabilitation.

These include studies relating to:

  •  Paraplegia
  •  Stroke
  •  Cerebral Palsy

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