The MOTOmed provides a means whereby persons who are disabled or have limited mobility can regularly exercise inactive limbs and gain health benefits. This type of exercise is known as ‘movement therapy’ and the concepts of this were incorporated into the design of the MOTOmed, which is manufactured in Germany by Reck-Technik.

Regular exercise with the MOTOmed improves both muscle condition and blood circulation.

The advantages of the therapy are:

  • stimulate blood circulation
  • reduce spasticity
  • promote and build muscle strength
  • improve extremity coordination
  • counter onset of health problems caused by lack of mobility
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In ‘passive’ mode the user can change the speed at any time, within the parameters of 1 – 60rpm With residual muscle strength the user can make the pedals rotate faster than the pre-set speed. The MOTOmed recognises the changed situation and the mode of operation switches to ‘active’ mode. Now the user is performing work against a load resistance. The resistance level can be changed during ‘active’ training to suit the user’s needs. If the user finds the work load too strenuous then he/she can just relax and let the motor take over. An important part of the design is the ‘movement protector’. In the event that the user experiences a spasm, the MOTOmed will react and reduce rotation speed to zero, pause and then rotate in the opposite direction to relieve the muscle spasm. The display panel will show a series of performance parameters during 'training'. One important display parameter is 'Symmetry Training' showing the relative strength of one limb compared to the other. If ‘billy balance’ starts to slide off the hilltop towards the water, then the only way that the user can save him is to apply more effort with the weaker limb. billy balance MOTOmed loop The MOTOmed can be found in rehabilitation clinics, hospitals, aged care facilities and at home providing a safe method of movement therapy.

For a description on MOTOmed models go to the 'Equipment' page

MOTOmed leg and arm trainer, three models:

MOTOmed            More info

MOTOmed loop    More info

MOTOmed muvi               More info

MOTOmed leg only:

MOTOmed loop.l              More info

MOTOmed arm only:

MOTOmed loop.a             More info

MOTOmed for children (leg + arm):

MOTOmed Gracile           More info

MOTOmed for persons with Parkinson:

MOTOmed loop Parkinson (leg only)            More info

MOTOmed loop Parkinson (leg and arm)      More info

MOTOmed for use in ICU:

MOTOmed Layson.l (leg training)               More info

Please refer to Product Overview for details of all Motomed models and accessories


There are four videos showing operation and adjustment of the MOTOmed:

MOTOMed Layson

MOTOmed muvi

MOTOmed loop.

MOTOmed Letto

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MOTOmed videos

Research publications relating to the MOTOmed:

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