This model offers choice of leg training or arm training.

Also available as a leg only model

Features include:

  • Foot insertion aid
  • Movement protector
  • Spasm control system
  • Servo cycling
  • Symmetry training
  • Training analysis
  • Select pre –installed therapy programs
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MOTOmed Gracile

Gracile: (leg and arm trainer)

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MOTOmed Gracile pad






The following information covers the standard model of Gracile. You will find additional information at the end of this page

Operating modes

  • passive training (the user’s limbs are moved by the motor drive)
  • assistive training (the user may have limited muscle strength and the motor provides assistance to maintain rotational momentum)
  • active training (the user is able to drive the foot-pedals without motor assistance)

Mechanical aspects

  • paediatric safety foot shells with leg guides
  • pedal radius adjustable, two positions (3.5cm or 7.0cm)
  • height adjustable pedal axle
  • handlebar height and inclination can be set to suit user
  • easily transportable
  • light but stable construction
  • telescopic front stand provides greater stability


  • adjustable height of pedal axle/footshell assembly. See page 3 in brochure
  • leg insertion aid
  • self test system on 'power-up'
  • smooth drive system - gradual change of rotation speed
  • 'Movement Protector' and spasm sensing control
  • adjustable rotation speed regulation 0 to 60 rpm (passive)
  • adjustable motor torque
  • adjustable load resistance, gear 1 to gear 10 (active)
  • adjustable training duration, maximum 120 minutes

Control panel functions

  • user-friendly operating panel
  • large tactile buttons
  • MOTOmax and TRAMPOLINE motivation program
  • pre-loaded therapy programs
  • detailed feedback in real time
  • Perfomance analysis at end of training session

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