MOTOmed loop Parkinson

Using the therapeutic movement concept “forced exercise”, the lower extremities of Parkinson’s patients get moved noticeably faster than the symptoms of their disease would normally allow them to do. A group of researchers (Ridgel et al., 2009) from the United States discovered that movement speeds of up to 90 rpm help to improve Parkinson-related symptoms.

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MOTOmed loop Parkinson, leg trainer + arm trainer

Motomed loop

MOTOmed for persons with Parkinsons




Regular movement therapy in combination with medicine is the basis for recent Parkinson’s therapy. The MOTOmed Parkinson has a software-controlled motor, which enables movement training with high revolution speed. Parkinson patients can either train passively or actively with own muscle strength. Therapy sessions with the MOTOmed Parkinson can have positive effects on gait ability, balance, akinesia, fine motor skills and posture. Regular therapy training with the MOTOmed Parkinson also helps to improve Parkinson-related symptoms such as tremor (trembling muscles) and rigor (stiff muscles).

All training data is saved in memory. If required this data can be entered onto a spreadsheet to provide a history of training performance.

MOTOmed loop la pad







This model offers choice of leg training or arm training.

Features include:

  • Rotation speed up to 90rpm
  • Dedicated Parkinson program
  • Touch screen control
  • Foot insertion aid
  • Movement protector
  • Spasm control system
  • Servo cycling
  • Symmetry training
  • Training analysis
  • Select pre –installed therapy programs
  • Ability to create your own training program
  • Display your own digital photos or videos